Facility Use Request

The Facility Use Request Form can be found here: FACILITY USE REQUEST

The Process

Once you have filled out and submitted your Facility Use Request, it will go to the Parks & Recreation Commission for approval.  

The Laconia Parks & Recreation Commission meets the THIRD MONDAY OF EACH MONTH (or Tuesday in the case of a holiday) at 6:00 PM.  Your attendance is required at these meetings!

2022 Commission Meeting

The agenda must be public before the meeting and therefore we need your Facility Use Request submitted by the SECOND MONDAY OF THE MONTH.

The Commission reserves the right to request rosters and proof of residency with this application.

Insurance is Required

The user must provide liability coverage for the event, in the amount of $1,000,000.00 and provide this department with proof of coverage before acceptance.  The City of Laconia must be listed as certificate holder.

Are you looking for a school facility?

If you or your organization are requesting use of a School Facility, you will need to get proper approval from the School Department.  Please visit laconiaschools.org for more information.