Road & Sidewalks

Worker studying cracked pavement

Public Works oversees improvements for approximately 75 miles of public highway and their adjacent sidewalks. Each construction season, certain roads and sidewalks are selected for improvement. 

The Department has implemented a Pavement Management Program for Laconia's public highways. Its objective is to sustain the roads that are in good condition while upgrading those that are in poor condition. The Program's selection criteria is based on factors including the current condition of the pavement, the volume of traffic that uses the road, and the condition of the utilities that are buried under the road. 

The Pavement Management Program is funded as part of the City's capital improvement program.  See the City's current budget for the program's funding level.  Funds for this program comes from property taxes, a block grant from the State based on the number of miles of public highways the City maintains, and a portion of the vehicle registration fees.