Builders, Developers & Engineers

The Department of Public Works is charged with the oversight of plumbing, driveway, roadway and excavation projects. However, maintenance and construction projects may require permits from multiple city agencies. For a detailed description of which city agency is responsible for the review of plans, the issuance of permits and site inspections, see the Builder Resource Guide.

Some of our street records date back to the 1700's. We also have field books dating back to the 1800's that contain survey information such as ties to street bounds from house corners. Missing and conflicting documentation has cast doubt on the ownership of certain roads. The Department of Public Works is currently researching the status of streets in the City. Prior to beginning any plans for a development, please contact the City Engineer to determine the status of a particular street.


Excepting necessary repairs and the replacement of fixtures, modifications to a building's plumbing requires a plumbing permit.

The Department of Public Works does not inspect new boilers. If a new  boiler has a different fuel source than the original, Code Enforcement (527-1293)  oversees new electric boilers and the Fire Department (524-6881) inspects new gas/oil boilers.   


Digging/excavation permits ensure that engineering and safety standards are met and reduce the risk of damaging buried infrastructure during excavation projects.

The City has records of the location of most, but not all, of the building sanitary service lines. Property owners and contractors may find that sewer service cards are useful in locating sanitary sewer service lines during the planning stage of a project.

Before you dig: 

  • Notify the Department of Public Works by calling the plumbing inspector at 387-9016 and
  • Contact Dig Safe by calling (888)344-7233 or by visiting the Dig Safe Website.

(The City of Laconia is not a member of the Dig Safe network. To limit the risk of damaging buried infrastructure, both must be notified).