Property Owner Responsibilities

Septic Tanks 

Septic tanks are not connected to the City’s sanitary sewer. Their maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. The State of New Hampshire Dept. of Environmental Services is the permitting authority for constructing or modifying septic tanks in the City.

Connections to Laconia’s Sanitary Sewer

For buildings connected to the City’s sanitary sewers, the property owner is obligated to maintain the service line from the building to the main.

If a building creating sewage is within 250’ to the City’s public sewer system, the property owners are required to connect to the City’s sanitary sewer system. The distance is measured from the closest part of any structure which contains plumbing to the sewer system. If easements are necessary, the distance would be measured along or across the shortest available easement. (Chapter 189 of Laconia’s City Ordinances has additional details.)