Plumbing Permits

Before any plumbing work is done or any additions are made to old work, excepting necessary repairs, a plumbing permit must be obtained from the Public Works. Plumbing permits will be issued only to New Hampshire Licensed Master Plumbers. (See "Self Plumbing" exception below). A current plumbing license must be displayed each time a permit is issued. All permits must be obtained prior to the start of work or a 100% permit fee penalty will be applied.

Fee Schedule

The fee for a plumbing permit is based on the number and types of fixtures.

Fixture Fee
Bath Group  $30.00
Dishwasher $10.00
Kitchen Sink $10.00
Lavatory (1 1/4") $ 5.00
Shower or Tub $10.00
Washing Machine $15.00
Water Closet $20.00
Floor Drain - 2" trap $10.00
Floor Drain - 3" trap $15.00
Floor Drain - 4" trap $20.00


Homeowners desiring to do their own plumbing work must obtain approval from the Director and/or the Plumbing Inspector. Homeowners must have the skills required for this work.

Plumbing Inspections

  • All plumbing must be inspected by Public Works. New construction requires 2 inspections:
    1. The "slab" or "underground" inspection
    2. The "rough-in" inspection prior to installation of sheet rock/wallboard.
  • Remodeling work will be inspected one time.
  • The plumber must be present for all inspections.
  • The plumbing inspector can be reached at 387-9016.
  • Plumbing inspections need to be scheduled 24 hours in advance.
  • No plumbing inspections are scheduled on Fridays.
  • Modular homes will be subject to traditional air/water tests by the DPW plumbing inspector.

Online Permit Application

Apply for a Plumbing Permit.