Update to Exemption and Credit Deadline to File Tax Year 2020

To assure exemptions and credits are applied to the current tax year, all new applications typically must be received by April 15th. In light of the current situation, taxpayers who wish to apply are encouraged to do so by July 15th so that enough time is available to return to normal operations and complete the approval process. Applications that are received after the statutory deadline but before the tax rate is set by the NH Department of Revenue Administration will be accepted and can be considered under the law. Incomplete applications will result in a request for information and may ultimately because for denial. If you have any questions, please call the Assessing Department at 527-1268 or email assessing@laconianh.gov 

Elderly Exemptions

Find information about Elderly Exemptions.

Blind Exemption (RSA 72:37)

A resident who is legally blind as determined by the Blind Services Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Division of the Education Department shall be exempt each year of the assessed value, for property tax purposes, of his or her residential real estate to the value of $40,000.

Real Estate Exemptions (RSA 72:23)

Properties that qualify for real estate exemption based on the provisions pursuant to RSA 72:23 must file annually before April 15th.