Current Use

Who May Apply 

Any owner of land who meets the qualifications set forth in RSA 79-A.

Property Criteria 70-A: IV 

  • The tract or contiguous tract must total 10 acres. The exceptions are: wetland, certified tree farms, and agricultural land producing $2,500 of income on an annual basis.
  • The tract must meet the requirements of one of the current use categories: farm land, forest land and for unproductive/wetland.
  • No buildings, appurtenances, or other improvements are allowed on the portion of the tract for which current use is applied.

Application Criteria 79-A: V 

  • The landowner must submit a completed current use application, A-10 (PDF)
  • A map of the tract showing the acreage going into current use as well as the acreage remaining out of current use must accompany the application. The map must show the current use categories being applied for.
  • If applicable, the Soil Potential Index and / or a Forest Stewardship Plan may accompany the application. The application must be filed by April 15th of the tax year.

For complete information regarding Current Use, refer to the Current Use Criteria Booklet (PDF)