Rules & Regulations

IN ACCORDANCE with the provisions of Chapter 59-7, 9 and Chapter 216 of the City of Laconia Public Ordinances, the Laconia Parks and Recreation Commission hereby adopts the following rules and regulations for the care, protection, preservation and use of the City parks:

  1. Inflatables, life jackets, swim fins, snorkels, and tubes are not permitted in the water.

  2. Permits are required for fires, except in park grills or portable grills. For facilities under the jurisdiction of the Parks and Recreation Commission, propane tanks in excess of 5 lbs. are prohibited, unless a waiver is granted by the Parks and Recreation Commission.

  3. Removal of or damage to any structure, plant or natural feature within the City’s park areas is prohibited.

  4. Changing clothes is permitted only in buildings approved for that purpose.

  5. All waste, charcoal and trash must be placed in the containers provided by the City.

  6. Animals are not allowed in the water, on the beach or on athletic fields. Animals walked on park property shall be leashed, and owners are responsible to remove all animal feces. (City Ord. Chapter 113)

  7. Ball playing, horseshoes, and other similar games are not allowed except in designated areas. Beach balls and other soft rubber balls may be used on the beach at the discretion of the park personnel in charge of the area.

  8. In matters of safety and orderliness, persons shall obey all reasonable requests made by park personnel.

  9. Persons giving false information or false alarms about swimming, help, and other emergency situations will be subject to prosecution.  (RSA 644:3)

  10. Missing persons shall be immediately reported to the lifeguard or other park personnel on duty.

  11. Park personnel will not assume responsibility of children under 13 left unattended by their parents or guardians.

  12. Employees are not permitted to receive tips or gifts.

  13. Automobiles, mini bikes, RV’s and all types of motor vehicles are restricted to designated roads and parking areas except by written permit from Parks and Recreation.  (City Ord. Chapter 221)

  14. State regulations for boats, water skiing and any propelled water craft (150 ft. from all land or swimming ropes) will be enforced in all waters.

  15. There will be no overnight camping or parking in any park except by special permit.

  16. All parks and beaches shall open at 7:00am and close at 10:00 pm with the exception of Weirs Beach (midnight) and scheduled events approved by the Commission or City Council.

  17. Vending and soliciting in the parks, playgrounds or on beaches without a special permit from the Parks and Recreation Commission is prohibited. (City Ord. Chapter 161)

  18. Only authorized parks personnel are permitted under the “boardwalk” at Weirs Beach.

  19. The use or possession of a chemical substance is prohibited except where authorized by permit.

  20. Public swimming is prohibited during swim lesson instruction, except in designated areas.

  21. There is absolutely no launching of boats, jet skis, kayaks, canoes or any other water apparatus from a City beach or park except in designated areas.

  22. Swimming will only be allowed in designated areas.

  23. Admittance to any City beach or park can only be made through a public roadway or walkway.

  24. Endicott Rock Park Capacity: At no time shall there be more than 2200 people in the park.

  25. Offensive behavior: No person shall engage in any indecent language or loud noise which would be offensive to any reasonable person or engage in any disorderly conduct or behavior tending to breach the public peace. Such behavior can result in expulsion.

  26. The use of tobacco, vaping, electronic cigarette products is prohibited in any City recreation area and facility. (City Ord. Chapter 216)

  27. Enclosed tents are prohibited in any City recreation area and facility. Shade canopies with open sides are allowed if properly secured.

  28. Hammocks are prohibited in any City recreation area and facility.

  29. Metal detecting in City recreation areas and facilities is allowed by permit only.  Digging is allowed in beach sand areas only.

  30. The use of any electrical source at Parks & Recreation facilities is prohibited except by written permission.

Approved by the Laconia Parks & Recreation Commission November 19, 2018