Human Relations Committee


  • Edward J. Engler, Mayor
  • Matt Canfield, Police Chief
  • Kate Bruchacova
  • David Bothamley
  • Margaret Donnelly
  • Carrie Chandler
  • David Osman
  • Carol Pierce
  • Ali Hassan
  • Janet Simmon
  • David Stamps, Chairman, email: 
  • Reverend Judith E. Wright
  • Christopher Adams
  • Kathy James
  • Margaret Donnelly
Members of the Committee are appointed by the Mayor and are subject to reappointment on an annual basis.

About the Committee

Our Mission:
The Committee shall invite every individual, group, and organization in Laconia to:
a)  Cultivate a community-wide climate that does not tolerate prejudice of any kind which undermines the dignity of any person.
b)  Educate ourselves and our children about the presence and dehumanizing impact of any prejudicial attitudes that are currently at work in our community.
c)  Promote, in as many segments of our community life as is possible, policies and practices which encourage and demand equal opportunity and responsibility for all people.
d)  Proactively resist and publicly condemn any practices or incidents in our community which either result from or might encourage prejudice, intolerance, harassment and discrimination.

Our Goals:
The Committee shall:
a)  Work with the whole community, City Council, business groups, service, health and educational institutions to educate people about the issues of diversity and to establish a comfort level with the changing face of our community.
b)  Actively pursue prevention of prejudice, intolerance, harassment and discrimination in our community through public discourse, media exposure, community action and education on these issues.
c)  Expend moneys as requested from the City for programs and services the Committee deems appropriate.