Water Department Fees

General Fees

Water Fees Resident $25 per q plus $2.55/hcf
Water Fees Non Resident $28.75 per q plus $2.93/hcf
Late Fee On Water Billing $5 if less than $100 due
Late Fee On Water Billing 6% $100 and over
Turn On Fee After Off For Nonpayment-Regular Hours $35
Turn On Fee After Off For Nonpayment-Overtime Hours $75
Construction use of water - unmetered $150
Testing Lab Samples $17 each


Subject Fees
Testing Fee-one device $50
Testing Fee- 3 or More Devices            
Retesting-Cross Connection          $50 each
Renewal Cross-Connection Permit            

New Meter Fees-Standard Residential

All other sizes call Water Department.
Subject Fees
Construction Maintenance Assessment Fee      5/8 x 3/4 meter $571
Inspection of New Meter       
Meter/Horn/Mxu-5/8 Inch By 3/4 Inch