Driveway Permits

Driveway permits are issued for new construction and for improvements to existing driveways--such as paving any existing gravel/earth driveway, or resurfacing an existing paved driveway or access. The intention of the driveway permit is to ensure proper drainage from the private driveway access to the public right-of-way on City accepted streets.

Approval by Planning Department Required

Modifications to driveways for the following must be approved by the Planning Department prior to issuance of a driveway permit by Public Works:

  • Any modification to an existing single family residence when the driveway will be greater than 1,500 square feet
  • Converting green space to a paved surface when the conversion is between 100 and 1,500 square feet.
  • For dwellings that have greater than two units
  • Any commercial establishment

Removal of Existing Curbing

Any driveway modification proposing the removal of existing curbing will require a site inspection and prior approval of the Department of Public Works before the issuance of a permit. The homeowner or the contractor normally obtains the driveway permit.  A representative from the Dept. of Public Works must inspect the work while the contractor is performing the work. Therefore the homeowner/contractor must schedule the inspection a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Private Developments / Roads

Driveway permits are not required in private developments when connecting to private roads.


City Driveway Policy

Sample Driveway Permit