Who Needs One:

Anyone who is having a outdoor event or happening organized, hosted or produced by any person, business, organization, corporation or charitable organization, for a particular and limited purpose and time, including but not limited to races/ walks, fundraisers, concerts, cultural events, food fairs, exhibitions, farmers markets, flea markets, at which 3 or more vendors will be located. The following specific events do not constitute an organized outdoor event: motorcycle week, 4th of July, and School events.

This application must be accompanied by:

-        Permission from the property owner in writing

The vendors at an organized outdoor event are not required to obtain individual licenses if the event organizer obtains this event license. The event license and fee shall include within it the licenses and fees for any other license otherwise required for the event under chapter 161 of the Laconia Code.

For example 10 vendors plus an entertainment and outdoor loudspeaker license, or 15 vendors and a use of street &/or highway.

The license is all inclusive.

Event License


# of Vendors


If filed within 7 days of the event


If filed within 7 days of the event
















31 +