Other Conservation Areas


Puleo Farm

The Puelo Farm property is a private easement held by the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. It is a 53-acre property sandwiched by the Huston-Morgan and Prescott State Forests. This easement has conserved wetlands, forested land, and pastureland



Across the street from the city of Laconia’s Harrington Conservation Easement is the State’s Harrington Easement of around 20 acres. This property is primarily hay/pastureland with some woodland. 

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Shad Path (Rice)

Shad Path is privately-owned land with a conservation easement through the Lakes Region Conservation Trust. The property is nearly 200 acres with a wide range of habitats – including wooded lands, wetlands, brooks and streams, open water, and open fields. The property if off Parade Road, near the corner of Pickerel Pond Road.

Prescott Farm

Prescott Farm- Educational Center

The Prescott Farm Educational Center is a privately conserved piece of land off White Oaks Road. The 75-acre property is mostly wooded and some fields. The streams on the property feed into Langley Brook and ultimately Langley Cove of Paugus Bay.