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1. I am a homeowner who lives along a public road. How do I order my new containers for trash and recycling?
2. I am a homeowner who is 65 years old and I live along a public road. The 96-gallon containers are bigger than what I need for recycling. Can I get a smaller container to use for recycling?
3. I understand that by default, most homeowners get one 64-gallon container for trash. Can I get two 32-gallon containers instead?
4. I have a green, 18-gallon toter that I bought from the City. Can I use it for curbside pick up after April 1st?
5. Can I leave cardboard boxes out for curbside collection as long as they are next to my recycling bin?
6. Since we are getting new containers, what should we do with our old ones?
7. How can I get rid of my old trash and recycling containers?
8. What are backdown streets? Am I affected?
9. How should the new containers be left out on collection day?